TXLA_910_L_MIX - Tourex Big-Speed Automatic for FG/HPI/Losi/Smartec
Tourex Big-Speed Automatic for FG/HPI/Losi/Smartech
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Big-Speed Automatic/Universal with standard length clutch body, 1 x carbon shoes and 3 x aluminum shoes, 2.0 mm springs.
Clutch engagement speed 8,500 rpm.

Fits all Carson/Smartech, FG except Formula 1 and Evo 2020, Losi 5ive-T and DBXL, HPI Baja and many more.

The Tourex Adjustable 2 clutch is available in different versions, suitable for almost any 1/6 or 1/5 off-road and on-road cars!

The universal version fits most off-road and on-road cars like
  • all Losi 5ive-T, Losi Mini and Losi DBXL
  • all cars from the HPI Baja series
  • all Carson / Smartech buggy, monster and C5 on-road cars
  • all FG cars except Formula 1 and EVO 2020

Special versions are available for either FG Formula 1 / EVO 2020 and Mecatech cars, as these cars require a different length of the clutch body.

For off-road applications (buggy or truck) Tourex Automatic clutches with an engagement speed of about 7,000 - 8,500 rpm are recommended!

For 1/5 on-road applications you will usually run Tourex Automatic clutches with an engagement speed of about 8,500 or 10,800 rpm.

The Tourex Automatic clutches are available in several configurations:
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