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2014 - 2015 Kits. Brands range from Mecatech, Genius, RS5 and Contrast Racing.

Any kit that is shown out of stock can be ordered from us. Most of these cars only take 7-12 days to arrive to us from europe.
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The Contrast Quattro is the first on road car four-wheel drive designed for competition and in pursuit of maximum performance and fun.

XR3-R Rolling Chassis (alu raw / no colour), without differential, no engine. Comes with 2016 Updrages. New shocks, new sterring arms 
Mecatech FW01 the current World Champion 1/5 RC-Car

Formula 1 car with hydraulic brakes, front spoiler and rear carbon-fiber wing, ( No body, tires or wheels, Engine,Servos, or pipe)

Touring car with hydraulic brakes and a self locking diff.

Doesnt inlude motor, body, tires or front bumper

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