MEC2012-2011 - Mecatech Big Bore Shocks
Mecatech Big Bore Shocks
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The new Mecatech Big Bore shock absorbers with piggy back volume compensation reservoirs use normal silicone oil. The increased diameter in combination with the separate volume compensation via a floating piston of the new MecaTech Big Bore shocks allows for a very constant driving. This results in improved traction and optimized handling.

The Big Bore shocks fit most 1/5 scale onroad cars.

The outstanding craftsmanship guarantees a perfect seal; the shocks come w/o springs, but include nipples for filling and bleeding. The Big Bore shocks feature aluminum shock ends with replaceable bushings.

Technical specifications:
  • Total length: 120 mm
  • Distance of mounting holes: 110 mm center/center
  • Mounting hole diameter: 4.10 mm
  • Thickness of shock ends: 6 mm
  • Max shock/spring travel: 30 mm
  • Weight without oil: 46 g each
  • Weight without oil with spring: 68 g each

Recommended silicone oil:
Mecatech recommends silicone oil with a viscosity of 6,000 to 8,000 for the front axle and 3,000 to 5,000 for the rear.
Before: $5.33
Now: $4.91
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