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Modelcargo: Samba Racing Pipes
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Heavy-Duty Pipe Springs for Samba Pipes. fits: Samba and similar pipes
Fits Pipes with Largel springs
SAMBA 7 High Performance Steel Pipe set. Fits: FG EVO or similar
Fixing Set for 50mm pipes, will fit the S5,S6,S7 and F1
Fits Pipes with Small springs
Samba 2x Silicone Gray Tube and 2x Fixing O-Ring

Samba Exhaust Spring Retaining / Fixing Kit For 50mm Pipes

Samba Manifold for Samba 7
SAMBA FG 4WD Tuned Pipe Set
SAMBA 7 High Performance Titanium Pipe set. Fits: FG EVO or similar
2015 Samba Torque pipe set
The Samba 8 tuned pipe system is race legal pipe for racing, with the DMC approval number 10-1504 engraved. The Samba 8 - tuned pipe system comes with an installation kit.
Samba 8 Racing - tuned steel pipe set DMC 10-1504
Modelcargo 4-door racing body Coming soon, Modeled after TC2000 and Marcas De Petronas Style of Cars
Trendy body shell for nearly all 1/5 scale Formular 1 models. 

The body shell comes as a thermoformed and molded "plate" (with protective sheet) which you have to cut on your own. A complete set of special plastic rivets for the body parts is included with the set. 
Samba spare spring set for S7
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