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SCS M2 Engineering
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The Differential is a torque controlled diff. It is possible to preload the system. Advantages of the Powerlock Differential: maximum traction for all griplevels (adjustable), reduction of fuel consumption, huge reduction of tyre wear, easy to drive, constant to drive, reduction of midcorner understeer. Weight from 2014 onward: 364g incl. ball diff axles and main gear 48" (example 364g für GENIUS cars). Attention: ball diff axles and main gear 48" are included in the set. 


SCS M2 M10226 Carbon V3 Set Of Diff Shims Low Grip 2 pcs.

M10304 SCSM2 powerlock Diff External Fins 0,50mm (with holes) 3 Pcs.
M10307 SCSM2 Powerlock Diff Shaft sealing ring (8x12x3mm)
SCSM2 Powerlock Diff External fins 0,25 (without holes) 3 Pcs.
 Magnetic Bodyshell Adjustment / Fitting Tool
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