LS_52050000 - Lightscale rear wing complete for touring-cars, 1
Lightscale rear wing complete for touring-cars, 1 pce
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The Lightscale spoiler for touring cars is a form-blown plastic part which is hollow inside and the outside has the effective wing shape. The plastic used is extremely durable and lightweight. The lateral supports are formed of Lexan and offer the possibility to set the wing at an angle and adjust the hight. The integrated carbon wingrestraints facilitates a securely screwed wing.??

The shape of the wing is optimized to bring a good downforce at minimum storage effect, thus ensuring the safe driving through fast corners without sacrificing top speed on straight sections. The total weight of the wing, including all attachments is about 60 grams and is therefore lighter then many carbon wings. The wing has already proved it's durability during crash tests, but still of course all its components are also available separately.
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