ctrt-101110 - 2015 Contrast Quattro 4WD Kit
The Contrast Quattro is the first on road car four-wheel drive designed for competition and in pursuit of maximum performance and fun.

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Based on our successful Neox chassis, Quattro has been designed with a mixed transmission system based in a synchro belt and drive gears which favors smoothness, power, lightness and mechanical endurance.
With only 10,480 kilos weight fully ready to run and a wheelbase of 530 mm, Quattro adapts to almost all bodywork of market and it is the first stone of the new 4WD large scale competition. The future of large scale begins with this car.

The new features of the quattro 2015 are:
A new chassis with a 4th ballast housing under the front end
The new calipers "Big Mac piston" and disks of new special high temperature composite material.
The new fuel tank with fast top.
The new clutch bell with greater cooling
The new bodies damper with improvement for work setting
The new transmission plastic gear lightened by the new design
Before: $5.33
Now: $4.91
Before: $43.99
Now: $33.00
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